"Duccio di Segna" is one of the most important names in Italy in the crystal production sector
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The “Duccio di Segna” crystal factory began its activity in 1984 when Vasco Conti put into this project his long experience in crystal production in Italy and abroad.
His deep knowledge of this sector has allowed “Duccio di Segna” to become in its 33 years of activity, one of the most important names in Italy in the crystal production sector.

The selection

It balances capacity, experience, taste and continuity of the tradition which together with the most modern technologies, give life to every request of crystal production.
A producion which ranges from the creation of a unique piece, to the production in series.
Besides our own creations signed Duccio di Segna, we also produce crystal articles for important companies in the tableware, gifts, illumination and bathroom furnishigs sectors.

We are, in fact, also knows as producers on behalf of others, working on drawings or moulds supplied by the customer or designed by our draftsmen for them.

The material

All our productions are in crystal containing 24% Pb, are pure crystal which acquires its true value the moment our craftsmen manipulate the crystal at a temperature of 1150 degrees always creating unique pieces in their beauty and quality.